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  • Almost two decades ago he foretold of the need for a "condo ombudsman".

  • He warned of the dangers of cancer causing "polyprophenol".

  • The collapse of seawalls for lack of maintenance.

  • His warning of "iron bar" security for residents came to fruition tenfold.

  • He was castigated for his vision in warning of the erosion of owner's rights.

  • Lawyers derided him, real estate brokers cursed him, developers feared his revelations.

"The Wrath of Condo" is available worldwide for those who seek the truth about this communal lifestyle.

He bought his way into Condo Paradise, then fought his way out of a condo of horrors.


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Buying, Selling, Renting or Trapped in a Condominium
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(The only unit owner to buy his condo recreation area and then sue the Board to maintain it.)

Condo Redux
Watch a film interview with author Vico Confino by talk show host Sandy Payton in 1985.
Are the problems in today's Condominiums any different?
The "Wrath of Condo" can now be read FREE.

Television Interviews With Author of The Wrath of Condo

Vico Confino made over 140 radio and tv shows about condominiums. You can profit from the information you will see when viewing these interviews. Although these tv shows are over 20 years old the information that he reveals is timeless.


River Shores Report Ch7 - Vico Confino

"I stood up a the Condo Board meeting and announced that I had purchased the entire recreation complex and that I was now their new landlord. There was a defening silence."


The People Speak Ch5 - Vico Confino

Citizens who fail to participate in the politics of their country (condo) are doomed to be governed by their inferiors.

Plato said it first.


One Flew Over The Condo Mess - Vico Confino

After prevailing in all three condominium lawsuits, Vico became involved in Community Theater. There he met a former Hollywood actress who prevailed upon him to write a satirical stage play about his laughable experiences in the condominium he had been paid to move from.

Within one year he had finished the stage production that was titled "One Flew Over the Condo Mess".

It played to SOR (standing room only) for all 12 performances and received accolades for a first time playright.